Speed Keto by Dr. Harlan – Does It Work? (Review)

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Keto dieting is a great way to get your body to burn your fat while still retaining your energy. The problem is, sticking to the diet for long enough to make that long-lasting change.

 It would help if you had a plan, and Speed Keto by Dr. Harland Kilstein aims to pull that foolproof regime together to help you change your lifestyle.

The Pros & Cons Of Speed Keto


  • It aims to change your lifestyle long-term so you can keep the weight off.
  • Works out the whole structure for you, so you don't need to do all the work.
  • 60-day guarantee. Speed Keto is so confident that your 30-day plan will succeed that they'll still give you your money back after 60 days
  • The beginner-friendly guide helps to get you started even if you’re a keto novice.
  • The plan has already helped 25,000 reach their weight loss goals.
  • You can keep eating great foods that you love – lose weight without existing on carrot sticks.


  • It doesn't consider dietary requirements.
  • It isn't tailored to the things you like to eat.
  • Keto flu – the keto diet aims to change your body from using carbohydrates as energy to using ketones. As you go through this transition, you’re likely to feel fatigued, have headaches, and experience nausea.
  • The strict diet plan isn't ideal if you have a family to feed as you'll need to eat differently from them, meaning you'll most likely have to cook two separate meals all the time.

What Makes Speed Keto Different?

Lifestyle Changes

Dieting is always seen as a fad. You'll stick to your meal plan for a few weeks, lose a couple of pounds, then usually get a little lost and revert to where you were before.

The Speed Keto diet aims to combat the boredom you feel with other diets and equips you for changing your lifestyle to keep the weight off, so it’s easier for you to keep your new body.

Fast Results

Typically, diets seem to cause stress as you desperately cling to every half a pound that you lose – checking the scales 3 times a day just in case that meal you skipped has made a difference.

But with Speed Keto, the aim is to cut down that weighing scale anxiety and give you results in just 30 days. As long as you follow the diet plan, it’s almost a guarantee that you'll drop that extra weight. They'll even offer your money back, no questions asked if you're not happy after 60 days.

Eating What You Like

The great thing about keto dieting is that you don't need to stop eating the things you love. The aim is to cut out carbs from your diet, but you can still eat luxurious steaks, have that weekly fry up, and enjoy yourself.

Unlike other diets, there's no calorie counting involved, so watching what you eat when you go out to a restaurant is much easier, and no one will even notice that you're dieting.

 This makes the diet much easier to stick to, and because it's all about boosting your metabolic rate (rather than calorie counting, which makes your metabolism slower), you may even get away with the odd treat meal here and there once you've got into the swing of things.

How Speed Keto Can Help

Keto Quick Start Guide

Speed Keto might suit someone if they're new to dieting or the keto regime. It gives you all the background knowledge and science regarding how keto dieting operates, so you can get a complete picture of why keto works.


The guidebook also helps you understand what to expect. If you’ve previously been on diets that haven’t worked out too well, the book will talk you through all the hurdles that you’ll come across (because there will be some) and anything you might feel as your body transitions.

The keto plan removes almost all carbohydrates from your diet, so you no longer use them to convert into energy. Instead, your body will create ketones to keep your energy level up.

This transition will likely cause you to feel ill for a while, but the guidebook should help you out if you’re worried, as it explains all the side effects that you might experience at first.

Shopping List

It's a shopping list calendar. You can see that every seven day has filled with to-dos and shopping suggestions

If you usually struggle to stick to a diet because those cream cakes are just screaming out to you on your weekly shop, then Speed Keto might be able to help you out.

The shopping list will help you stay on track and buy the right things for your diet. If you stick to the list, you won't be tempted to pop those extra few treats in your cart.

It'll also direct you away from foods that you might not even realize are bad for you on a keto diet so that you won't slip up accidentally either.


Busy schedules are the number one downfall of most diets. It’s easier to stick something from the freezer into the oven after a long day at work. But the Speed Keto calendar could help you out there.

It’s much easier to stick to a scheduled meal plan if it’s all written out and tacked to your refrigerator.

Speed Keto Recipes

If you’re a self-confessed awful cook, it may be challenging to start a regular diet, as you just can't cook healthy food and might resort to that pre-packaged meal.

 However, Speed Keto's Cookbook will give you all the recipes and cooking instructions for your keto meals. All you need to do is follow the recipe. You can do that, right?

What’s the Verdict?

It's an illustration that tells that the products are digital. The picture containes the main book from the speed keto family, and displayes it on an iphone and ipad.

Speed Keto offers an easy and fast way to lose weight, with all the support and meal plans you need to get there on your own.

This might be a good choice for you if you've previously struggled with dieting and consistently revert to your original meal choices, as the plan boasts that it will provide long-lasting effects.

Take the plunge with the Speed Keto 30-day meal plan and get the body you deserve.

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