Keto in Five is a ketosis cookbook geard towards beginners, because every recipe contains only 5 ingredients.

Keto in Five Review | Stupid Simple Keto Recipes

Keto in five review. 120 lowcarb high fat up to five ingredients recipes.

Keto in Five Review:

How many times have you given up eating healthy just because your “healthy” shopping list had too many items for your liking (or your back’s)? Well, you’re not alone.

As a keto-lover, I remember how everything seemed too complicated at first. Looking for ingredients, checking different supermarkets, having to switch dinners just because you couldn’t find a particular fruit. Everything was frustrating. Does that sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, keep on reading, as you’re in for a treat, as today, I’m reviewing the one cookbook that will make the keto diet even simpler than regular carb-packed foods; the Keto in Five cookbooks.

Keto in Five: Keto Cooking Made Simple

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What if I told you only need five ingredients to prepare a meal? Wouldn’t that be convenient? Well, you actually can. That’s what I learned through the cookbooks.

I came across this cookbook after I got sick of spending hours shopping every week. I just went to Google and started roaming the dark corners of the world wide web looking for simple recipes that don’t require many ingredients. To be honest, I never imagined I would find a whole cookbook full of them, nor have I thought that I’d find 120 easy-to-make recipes that don’t require more than five common ingredients each!

Not only did the cookbooks save me a lot of time that I would’ve spent shopping, but it also introduced me to several mouth-watering recipes of which I’ve never heard before. Did you know healthy burgers do exist? I know right! Choosy Portobello Burgers for the win!

In this cookbook, you get 120 recipes in total, 30 for breakfasts, 30 for lunches, 30 for dinners, and 30 for desserts. You can literally make 120 new, low-carb dishes per month without worrying about weight gain or spending a fortune on ingredients.

The recipes are well-presented in a beautiful layout that contains an image for every dish. Being a visual-driven lady, that did impress me (and encourage me to try different recipes!). I didn’t face any issue when following the instructions for the recipes I tried as each dish needed only five steps. Easy, delicious, and fast. What else could one ask for in a recipe, huh?

As far as the health-side goes, all of the recipes have only five grams of net carbs per serving. If you’re not good with maths, that means that you can mix and match your breakfasts lunches, desserts, and dinners however you want, and you’ll still end up with around 20 grams of net carbs per day!

All of the macronutrient data and calculations have been taken care of by the book’s authors, which adds to the convenience of the whole experience. It also comes with a handful of tips on how to transition into the keto lifestyle effectively, along with a beginner’s guide to this world. The good news? Even though I’m fairly experienced when it comes to the keto diet, I did find some tips and pieces of advice that I didn’t know before.

What’s Included?

It is actually more than one cookbook, it’s four of them, each of which contains 30 recipes. Here are the ebooks I got when I purchased the package:

The 4 Books You Get

  • Breakfast in Five
  • Lunch in Five
  • Dinner in Five
  • Dessert in Five

Not only did the cookbooks detail the recipes, but they also gave some valuable advice and tips that can make your transition into the keto world easier and more effective. I’m yet to try all the recipes, but the one I did prepare appealed to my whole family.

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Pros and Cons

Everything in life, Keto in Five (I’m starting to feel like a poet. Hear that, Shakespeare?) included, comes with perks and disadvantages. Here’s what I liked about the cookbooks:


  • The recipes are extremely easy to follow, as each of them only requires five steps.
  • Each recipe requires only five ingredients that are common and easy to come by.
  • It includes 120 keto recipes in total, which is far more than any other keto cookbook I tried.
  • The recipes are gluten-free, and each one of them contains only five grams of net carbs.
  • Nice presentation with high-quality pictures of the dishes and meals.[/thrive_text_block]

Although I really fell in love with this cookbook family, there’s a couple of things that could’ve been better:


  • The cookbook is only available in a soft copy version. That’s not necessarily bad though, as a hard copy would’ve been much more expensive.
  • The recipes are not vegan-friendly, but the author promised to prepare a vegetarian version in the future.

Other than that, I absolutely love everything about this low-carb bundle.

Conclusion: Deserves a High-Five!

It is a true no-frills cookbook designed for those looking for an easy way to adopt the keto lifestyle. All of the recipes are easy to make, and each of them requires only five common ingredients for preparation.

I personally liked all the ones I tried, and I’m going to try out more for sure. If you’d like to join the club and get your foot in the door effectively, simply click the button below, which will take you to their website, through which you can get the books for a discounted price of 34 bucks!

Start Cooking Healthy Today

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