Pleasure Your Tastbuds With 121 Delicious Keto Recipes – The Sublime Keto Cookbook Review

If you've ever wondered how to simplify cooking keto, you're in the right place. I almost gave it up because it was so hard.

Going on a recipe hunt online, making shopping lists and cooking took up my whole day. I was more stressed than before, just trying to make this diet work.

This Cookbook changed all this, totally. It has taken away all the hard work and given me the freedom to enjoy keto—tons of great, easy ketogenic recipes.

Ready-made meal plans complete with shopping lists. I'm enjoying keto without the stress. And so is my family.

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I really wanted to go ketogenic. I wanted to lose those excess pounds. I wanted to have more energy for my kids and family.

I just wanted to finally start feeling good instead of bored and tired all the time. But working out how to cook ketogenic was very hard for me.

First, I had to calculate all the macros. Then I had to figure out recipes that actually tasted good and didn't take a whole day to cook—working out what ingredients to buy and where without spending a fortune was another problem.

It was really time-consuming. I didn’t have the energy to keep this up. I found myself repeating the same old recipes over and over, and my family hated it.

Instead of enjoying the benefits of eating keto, I was really stressed. Cooking had become a chore.

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It Made Keto Simple for Me

This nifty book turned all that around. I don’t have to spend time calculating macros and searching for suitable recipes online. I don’t have to worry whether the recipe will actually turn out good.

Best of all, I no longer spend hours and hours, making meal plans and shopping lists. My whole family is loving my cooking. Less time in the kitchen, and more for myself and them.

I’m watching the pounds finally come off, and I feel great.

Loaded with Features

Massive Variety of Nutritious Keto Recipes

This excellent book comes packed with 121 keto recipes. No legumes, no grains, and no refined sugars.

And all the recipes have been checked by a certified nutritionist with a keto background. You can be sure that every single recipe is healthy and nutritious for your whole family.

Simple Recipes with Great Illustrations

I was afraid these meals would be difficult to prepare. But I was totally wrong! These meals are wonderfully easy to prepare and cook.

It also comes with beautiful color illustrations. These are great to tickle your own imagination for meal presentation ideas.


The 20 biggest keto mistakes you need to avoid.

Here are a few things that you'll discover in the guide:

  • Which chemical compounds in your body need your attention during ketosis and what not to do when you begin to feel it
  • The enemy chemicals who are trying to stop you from getting the body you want
  • How much protein you should really be consuming (we use Dr. Steve Phinney’s formula to show you why)

  • And a lot more you can't afford to miss if you are serious about keto.
  • 16 Quick Tips To Mastering Keto

    If you’re looking to really shock everyone with your new slimmer body, you definitely want to check this one out. 

    Think of this as a “life hack” cheat sheet for a food-addicted brain. Part of it is a guide to the obscure vitamins anyone on a ketogenic diet can’t live without. 

    But another part is a list of tiny little tricks you can use on yourself to force the fat away.

    What Reddit Says? See Below

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    Fellow Redditor's review I've found.

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    I actually just bought this a couple days ago. I took a first peek at the dessert book first and felt pretty confident in the purchase by the 5th recipe. Once I use the last of my perishables I am going to go nuts any recipe I find in there with beef. It was maybe a little expensive for a couple cookbooks but it beats modifying the recipes in the ones I had.

    Is this Ketogenic Cookbook Good for You?

    Read the Pros and Cons Below


    • Over 121 simple, tasty keto recipes for all occasions, from breakfasts to dinners and snacks.
    • The 20 keto mistakes book is much more in-depth than I thought.
    • The 16 extra tips was a nice touch.
    • Very affordable for the ammount of awesomeness you get.
    • Downloadable instantly on purchase. No waiting for shipping and delivery.
    • 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


    • No hard copy, only available in e-format. But that’s what keeps the price great!

    Conclusion: Worth Every Penny

    The Sublime Keto Cookbook delivers everything it promises and more. For an unbeatable $19.95, you get access to a thorough resource on eating ketogenic.

    This book offers a great selection of simple, tasty keto recipes and a guide to making your own.

    For anyone new to eating keto, the 2 bonus book will help a lot.

    The over 121 delicious recipes will keep your family delighted every single meal. Even delectable desserts are made low-calorie and guilt-free.

    Click the button below and enjoy all the benefits of eating keto without any of the stress.

    Pleasure Your Tastbuds With 121 Delicious Keto Recipes - The Sublime Keto Cookbook Review
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