The Ketosis Cookbook Melt The Fat Away Books are a Scam. Here is why

Ketosis Cookbook Review: Don’t Waste Your Money. Read Why

Naomi Wattson owner of tastyketo.comHey! My name is Naomi, and I’m buying and trying popular keto products, guides. Sadly I had a really negative experience with the Ketosis Cookbook. Learn from my experience and save your money, as this cookbook is really underwhelming. But on the bright side, I’ve found a really great alternative, which is actually keto-friendly, cheaper, and it will make your diet easier. Make sure to check it out in the middle of this article.

My Experience with The Ketosis Cookbook: Melt The Fat Away

Not long ago, I tried the Ketosis Cookbook for a while. The truth is, I stuck with it because they refused to give me a refund (so much for 30 days money-back guarantee!) and I didn’t want my $47 to go to waste.

Does not have Keto-permitted Recipes

When I first bought it, I immediately noticed that most of the recipes aren’t keto. For instance, the book calls for recipes with vegetables that aren’t permitted on keto, bread products, and all sorts of regular ketchup, sugar, etc. The Ketosis Cookbook is a scam and does NOT have recipes that are keto permitted.

Uses Ingredients that Wrecks Your Ketogenic Progress

It’s incredibly irritating that the majority of the recipes depend heavily on dairy as I am not a fan. The few recipes without dairy call for nutritional yeast, which is bad for you despite popular belief that it’s a health food. And don’t get me started on the Erythritol content. This is a gut irritant for a lot of people and isn’t particularly palatable.

I couldn’t use a lot of recipes because it heavily relied on substitute sweeteners. From personal experience, I have come to notice that even sugar substitutes wreck my keto diet.

I actually found recipes with sugar…

Thanks but No!

Pictures Do Not Correlate With the Recipes

The first five recipes do not correlate with the images and taste bland. I threw away the bagel because it tasted like scrambled eggs. The cookies were too sweet, and so hard I couldn’t even bite into it for fear of chipping my teeth.

This cookbook doesn’t change my stand on keto because I have tried other sources before that worked for real. I just don’t trust the recipes in this cookbook to be specific. It was a complete waste of my money.

ketogenic cookbook melt the fat away scam

Unnecessary Recipes

This purchase was a lot of disappointment for me. It kicks off with way too many sauce and salad dressing recipes than necessary. Then it has pages and pages of recipes for omelets, soft boiled eggs, and egg salads. These are things people already know; why waste our time!?

I had a terrible experience with the grilled fish recipe. For a second there the idea of the ketogenic bread recipe got me all excited only to find out later that it was the same old eggy cloud bread that stank in the middle.

Complicated Recipes

The syrup and the “fake” bread was another bummer. The recipe was overly complicated for me to follow, and the specialty ingredients added to my woes. And this is coming from a mother who cooks for 3 kids and a husband every day of her life (I love to cook.)

Keto recipes in principle should be very simple to prepare. I pushed myself through 6 of these recipes and realized only 2 of them tasted good.

I Paid $20 Extra!

The final straw to my ordeal with the Ketosis Cookbook was the price. It was bad enough to find out I shelled out $47 for a scam of a book that added no value to me. But to find out people were actually getting it for almost half the price ($20 off) simply for playing with the exit popups!? I lost it.

Scientifically Questionable

Long story short, I deeply detest self-acclaimed “keto experts” who tweak the foundational approach of a true keto diet for personal gain. The Ketosis Cookbook is a scientifically questionable, nutrient-poor, hacky version of keto that does nothing good to your body and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

What do others say? Here is a review I got into my inbox:
Judith Hughe's says the ketosis cookbook is a scam

A Better Alternative: The Ketosis Bundle

Speaking of foundational approaches, I have found from personal experience that no other keto guide explains the basics of ketogenic dieting better than The Ketosis Bundle. If I must suggest a better alternative, this is the one.

These books made me understand the core principle of keto – which is eating the way nature wants us to eat. The difficulty with a keto lifestyle is that there are no rules set in stone. When you have thousands of experts saying their way is the best, it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Thanks to this book, I now have a strong grasp of the basics, and I know exactly what I should eat and what to avoid to achieve proper ketosis.

What is The Ketosis Bundle?


The Ketosis Bundle is a versatile keto guide written by  Adam Kiss, a seasoned keto veteran who got into keto 7 years ago. It can help you get started on the low carb diet if you are a beginner, or even help you get back on track if you were off it for some time and needs an effective plan to nudge you along the way.

It also works as a great reference point whenever you find yourself slipping back into the old habits.

What to Expect from The Ketosis Bundle?

When I saw The Ketosis Bundle, I was immediately sold on the 120 recipes and I was really happy for the extra keto desserts, snacks, and smoothies. After years of keto dieting, I know all too well by now that you can’t get through without desserts, smoothies, and snacks; unless you’re someone who eats to live, in which case you wouldn’t need a diet in the first place!

Forget calorie and macro counting as they are all calculated for you, your only job is to follow the meal plan, cook the delicious meals and be surprised at the end of the month. Do the plan for 2 months and you have to replace your wardrobe guaranteed.

I bought the e-book from their official website at just $37 as part of their introductory price offer (actual price will be $131 soon) and here is what I got:

  • The introductory book “First Steps”
  • Guidelines to Help You Succeed
  • 20 Keto Mistakes to Avoid
  • 30-Day Ketosis Meal Plan With 90 Recipes
  • 30 Favorite Recipes: 10 Keto Smoothies, 10 Keto Snacks, and 10 Keto Desserts

I got my e-books in pdf format, so you can read them on smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, and even desktops devices. I’m using mine on my iPad. If you’re feeling fancy, you can print the whole bundle out.

Benefits of The Ketosis Bundle

Now on to my favorite part: benefits. Here are some top benefits that I experience when following The Ketosis Bundle diet plan.

When I found out that the first three recipes in the 30-Day Meal Plan started with lots and lots of cheese, I couldn’t wait to get started. I gotta hand it to you Adam, that was one hell of a keto-smart move, and it sure worked!

I’m three months into the ketogenic diet and I find myself going back to the Phony macaroni Cheese, Bacon Cheeseburger, and Quiche pizza recipes. Cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, Italian cheese, heavy cream, I mean, can it get any better!?

Adam reasons that when we replace our carb intake, there is a high chance of starving ourselves, which is why fat becomes an excellent alternative to source our energy. Overall, this diet guide aims at supplying 70% of our total calorie intake from healthy sources like butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

  • Ensures a Foolproof Diet

I love that Adam is more focused on helping his readers stand on their own two feet. The book follows a logical order, and when I followed the instructions step by step, I noticed it made my diet foolproof.

I enjoyed the 30-day Meal Plan and the 30 additional recipes on smoothies, desserts, and snacks, but my biggest takeaway was the Guidelines to Help You Succeed and the 20 Ketos Mistakes to Avoid. It gave me a clear grasp of the entire concept of ketogenic dieting.

Who knew symptoms like dizziness, headaches, upset stomach, and fatigues were a good thing. Apparently, when we’re initially adapting to the new diet style, these are positive signs that are showing you that your body is successfully getting into the fat-burning state, which is what it’s all about. In fact, these symptoms used to be the major reasons why I threw in the towel too early.

20 Keto Mistakes to Avoid

20 keto mistakes from the ketosis bundle

Remember the elimination method they teach you in high school to answer multiple-choice questions? Well, Adam used the same principle and it worked wonders on me.

I have struggled many times in the past to stick to my ketogenic diet only to fail miserably at it halfway through. It was so frustrating because I was doing everything in my power, but I just couldn’t get past the finish line.

As it turns out, the 20 Keto Mistakes to Avoid was the answer. This gave me a new way to approach my low carb diet, and it worked like magic!

Thanks to this book, I now know better than to listen to critics, skimp on electrolytes, overeat nuts, cut down on vegetables, or eat when I’m not hungry just because you’re supposed to eat in small portions throughout the day.

Keto Dessert, Smoothies, and Snacks


I gotta be honest with you, these three recipes books induced me to buy The Ketosis Bundle in the first place. If I can eat snacks and drink smoothies on my diet and occasionally indulge in desserts, I’m in!

Adam’s recipes did not make me feel like I was on a diet.

It still boggles me how I ate and drank my way through cream cheese pancakes, donuts, chocolate and vanilla smoothies, pie, cheese puffs, muffins, fat bombs and still managed to drop 20 pounds in 30 days!

All I did was obediently ate my pizzas and washed it down with chocolate smoothies and boom. 30 days later, I was looking down on my bathroom scales with disbelief. I had become slimmer?? Adam, if you’re reading this, you’re a god‼

Easy-to-Get Ingredients

One thing I hate about most low-carb cookbooks is that they use ingredients from another world! I have a lot of cookbooks gathering cobwebs on my shelf because I can’t use them for the same reason.

When I bought The Ketosis Bundle, I didn’t need to go shopping for the first three days. As a mother, I am a great homemaker and I always stock my kitchen with food.

Almost all the recipes called for every-day ingredients that we use like bacon, eggs, cabbage, baking powder, parsley, regular butter, spinach, peppers, chicken, canned tomatoes, flour, cheese, mushrooms, mayonnaise, etc.

The recipe instructions are also clear and easy to follow. Even my 6-year-old daughter was able to make the Minty Green Smoothie for mommy (I helped her with the measurements and the avocado)

Refund Policy

60 day money back guarantee of the ketosis bundle

I was highly apprehensive of their return policy after my little stint with the previous cookbook. So I did what any smart shopper would do – research. And research I did!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on it, but that was mainly because most of the customers were happy with their purchase and hence did not feel the need to return the book.

This gave me the confidence to buy The Ketosis Bundle and give it a shot. And boy was I impressed. So impressed that I decided to gift this bundle to my best friends who were also struggling with keto.

Summing Up:

The Ketosis Bundle is an excellent option for just about anybody! Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced dieter, or someone trying to get back into it after a hiatus, this guide has something for everyone.

From personal experience, it also makes for a great gift idea because you don’t have to worry about finding out whether the other person is a beginner or somebody who has been doing it for years. It also made my keto diet fun and easy, and God knows I need all the help I can get.

The bonus tips and tricks for keto dieters also pushed me through many times when I found my determination slipping.

Overall, the Ketosis Bundle was a really positive surprise, and it’s worth every cent. Why? Because it made my diet bulletproof, easier and more fun. Take it for a spin and don’t forget to take before and after pictures.

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  1. I just bought it thanks to your recommendation, and I’m pretty happy with my purchase already! :) I especially LOVE the recipes in the dessert book :P

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