Best Keto Cookbook? These 5 Will Make You a Keto Chef

This is the featured for the post best keto cookbooks, on the picture there is a woman holding a cookbook and the cover of the five cookbook which is reviewed in the article.

In this article, you will discover five of the best keto coobooks. You will also find out more about their authors and learn what makes each of them a great buy.

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Ketosis Cookbook: Melt The Fat Away by Leon Omar

Ketosis Cookbook Melt The Fat Away By Omar Leon. 370+ low carb high fat recipes and 4 bonus book.

The Ketosis Cookbook was rated as “The Web’s #1 Best Selling Keto Cookbook 2016.” Packed with over 370 recipes and a 12-week meal plan, it is one of the most complete LCHF cookbooks you are going to find.

Author Leon Omar has gone the extra mile with this fabulous cookbook, making sure that all of the recipes in the book have the approval of a certified keto nutritionist.


  • Planning and preparing meals has never been easier. The 12-Week Meal Plan provides you with full daily low-carb menus for three whole months. That’s plenty of time to get used to keto and plenty of inspiration to help you come up with your own plans for future meals.
  • Never get bored. With 370+ recipes to choose from, you are assured of plenty of variety on the keto diet. That means that you can look forward to cooking each day with excitement. It also should make it easy to please everyone you cook for.
  • Understand how and why keto works. The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet is included with your purchase to teach you more about the science of low-carb eating.
  • Enjoy sinful desserts without the guilt. Think you have to give up on sweets to go ketogenic? Think again. When you buy The Ketosis Cookbook, you get 40 low-carb dessert recipes.
  • Spend less time cooking. This cookbook also includes 30 keto friendly slow cook recipes. These are great for when you want to walk away from the kitchen for a few hours to do something else. When you return, your delicious low-carb food will be waiting for you.
  • Trust the food you are eating. Not every cookbook includes nutritionist-approved recipes. With this one, you know that an expert has checked to make sure that each and every meal you make is ketogenic and provides the balanced nutrition you need for optimal health.

Best For:

Because these dishes have all been reviewed by a certified nutritionist, this book is an excellent choice for the discerning buyer who wants to make sure that they are cooking recipes prepared by someone with real credentials.

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Essential Ketogenic Cookbook by Louise & Jeremy Hendon

Essential Ketogenic Cookbook is an intermediate cookbook written by louse hendon.


If you are a newcomer to the keto diet, The Essential Keto Cookbook can help you navigate the grocery store aisles while saving you time preparing your recipes. As the name indicates, it teaches you the “essentials” of keto.

It was written by Louise Hendon. Hendon has authored a number of ketogenic diet books, but this is perhaps her most popular one. She also is known for being the co-founder of


  • This is a great option if you need to avoid not just grains, but also dairy, beans and preservatives.
  • Those who do not want to give up on their favorite foods will be pleasantly surprised by some of the innovative recipes in this book. Who knew you could keep enjoying buffalo wings, fish tacos, and popcorn shrimp on a keto diet?
  • The cookbook was written not only to provide you with tasty recipes, but also to answer your questions about keto. The bonus guides help to clear up confusion and help you navigate challenges like dining out.
  • In terms of cost, this is one of the most budget-friendly options out there. You are getting great value at a low price.

Best For:

Having a hard time understanding which foods you can eat on keto and other basics of the diet? This cookbook may be just what you need.

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Ditch the Carbs Ultimate Low-Carb Bundle by Libby Jenkinson

Low carb cookbook bundle by libby jenkinson who is the funder of


The Ultimate Low-Carb Bundle is the “everything you need” Ditch the Carbs ebook set. It includes five ebooks for one low price. These include the Low-Carb Starter Pack, Low-Carb Family Meals, Low-Carb Lunches, Simple Carb Counter, and the Low-Carb FAQ & Diet Sheet.

The author of the Ultimate Low-Carb Bundle is Libby Jenkinson. Jenkinson works as a pharmacist, and is renowned as the author of the website


  • Get started quickly and easily with low-carb. Along with the Low-Carb Starter Pack, the Low-Carb FAQ & Diet Sheet helps you make sense of your new diet and find immediate answers to your questions. Plus, you have a quick-reference cheat sheet in the form of the Simple Carb Counter to help you plan and track your meals.
  • Keep your entire family healthy. Need to cook for a spouse and kids? With Low-Carb Family Meals on your side, you can prepare healthy keto meals that even the pickiest eaters in your household will love. Low-Carb Lunches will help you fix easy, healthy meals for your children to take to school. Plus, you can even get junk food out of your pantry with the help of a 5-point action plan.
  • Save money. This system really was designed to be “ultimate,” with everything a beginner requires to get going with the keto diet and lifestyle. It is quite a bargain for the price.

Best For:

Consider this ebook bundle if you are planning to get your entire family started on keto, or think about buying it if you want to save money on a cookbook and guides.

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Keto in Five Bundle by Vicky Ushakova and Rami Abramov

Keto in Five is a ketosis cookbook geard towards beginners, because every recipe contains only 5 ingredients.

If you are in search of simplicity, Keto in Five is an elegant, straightforward cookbook with a cool and clever concept behind it. Every single recipe has 5 net carbs, 5 ingredients, and 5 easy steps, thus the title, “Keto in Five.”

Authors Vicky Ushakova and Rami Abramov are the team behind Both have been providing low carb books, meal plans and resources since 2015.


  • Keto in Five saves time and money at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Since you only need to grab 5 ingredients for each recipe, you do not need to spend hours hunting in the supermarket aisles; you can get right home and start cooking. With just 5 steps to prepare every dish, these recipes won’t take too much time out of your day.
  • The nutritional content of the meals is clear and easy to track. Since the net carbs are the same for all meals, you can easily keep count and stay consistent with what you are eating throughout the day. The book provides macronutrient data as well.
  • Visualize your meals before you make them. With large, colorful photos for every dish, you can easily guess which meals will delight your taste buds.

Best For:

If you want to keep your transition to keto as simple and streamlined as possible, Keto in Five will become your best friend in the kitchen.

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Keto Bundle by Leanne Vogel

This Keto Bundle was written by Leanne Vogel, It's a begginer guide and a 30 day low carb meal plan combined with health guide which explores ketosis to a level you never tought it exists.

This Keto Bundle is a comprehensive low-carb cookbook which includes two products in one package: The Keto Beginning Complete Guide & 30-Day Meal Plan, and Fat Fueled Keto Program & 30-Day Meal Plan.

The author of the Keto Bundle is Leanne Vogel, a top-ranking nutrition and weight loss educator best known for her ground-breaking bestseller called The Keto Diet.


  • The Keto Bundle is perfect for beginning and advanced dieters. The Beginning Complete guide can get you started with your first meal plan, and Fat Fueled walks you through advanced recipes and tips.
  • This recipe book was written with allergy sufferers in mind. If you have food allergies, you will be able to prepare these meals without worrying about making substitutions.
  • Need to avoid gluten, sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy? The 30-Day Mindful Meal Plan in this bundle is perfect for you.
  • If you are a woman, there is a guide in the bundle specifically for your needs. Become a Fat Burning Female offers 11 chapters of female-oriented advice for keto success.

Best For:

This product is targeted mostly at women, but it would also be an excellent choice for anyone who needs to steer clear of gluten, common allergens, dairy, legumes, and (of course) carbohydrates.

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So, which one is the best?

If you want keto cooking to be easier, faster, more affordable, and more fun, any one of these five cookbooks can satisfy your cravings. But if you are going to purchase just one, my top recommendation would be The Ketosis Cookbook: Melt the Fat Away.

The reason that this cookbook gets my highest recommendation is that it is the most complete one out there. It has a huge, diverse selection of tasty low-carb recipes with beautiful photographs. Shopping and planning ahead is pretty much effortless with the 12-Week Meal Plan.

Top 3 Ketogenic cookbooks from the 5. The winner is Ketosis cookbook melt the fat awy

The fact that a certified nutritionist has put a stamp of approval on every recipe also means you can enjoy peace of mind. When you cook and eat these tasty recipes, you know that you are doing keto right.

If you are on a budget, the alternatives I would recommend are The Essential Keto Cookbook or Ditch the Carbs Ultimate Low-Carb Bundle. Both are significantly less expensive.

The best value overall is definitely The Ketosis Cookbook. If you spend a little extra, I am certain you are going to be very happy with what you get.

Ketogenic Cookbook Melt The Fat Away

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Are there any special deals available?
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