Keto Bread – Does It Exists?

keto bread

You've probably heard that the keto diet is the new popular diet plan on the block.

Keto diets essentially allow you to eat what you want while still managing to lose weight without the calorie counting factor.

While it's great to eat all the steaks, eggs, and cheese that we can possibly pile in, there's one massive factor that everyone will miss the most. Bread.

Everyone loves bread, no matter what the form. It might be that long-awaited bacon sandwich on a Sunday or just a slice of buttery toast before work. But because of the carbohydrates that bread is full of, the keto diet rules it out.

 But Kelley Herring, founder of Healing Gourmet has taken steps to solve this problem and bring back your bread possibilities.

The Pros & Cons Of Keto Breads


  • Easy to bake with great-looking results.
  • Faster to make than most ordinary breads as the proving stage isn’t required.
  • Can work along with substitutions for other dietary requirements, e.g., for people with lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy, keto bread also works with milk and egg substitutes.
  • Works with any bread from burger buns to focaccia.
  • You’re likely to develop a greater appreciation for simple ingredients and increase your understanding of cooking.
  • Tried and tested recipes provided by the founder Kelley Herring from over 10 years of experience.


  • While keto bread removes the wheat and grain that causes weight gain, the other ingredients don't necessarily encourage weight loss. Overeating keto bread could still cause your weight loss to stall. It's still only an occasional addition to a keto meal plan.
  • Keto bread tastes good – but it may not taste or smell the same as real bread. A lot of the taste and wonderful freshly baked bread smell comes from the wheat and grain used in the flour. You won't get the same smell and taste as traditional bread.
  • Baking your keto bread can take longer than just purchasing a standard loaf from the store, so you need to plan in enough time before meals to make your bread.

What Makes Keto Bread Different?


Traditionally made bread (not gluten-free) contains gluteomorphins, a chemical compound that reacts with the opioid receptors in our brains. It has the same addictive effect as heroin or morphine, making us want to eat more and more bread.

The carbs in bread make us put on weight. Healing Gourmet has focused explicitly on bread which reduces the carbs, but it still retains the great, moreish taste, so you still feel like you're getting a treat.


A standard slice of bread contains around 10-20 grams of carbohydrates, depending on the size. As the aim of a keto diet would be to reduce your carbohydrate intake down to pretty much nothing, half a slice of bread would cover your whole carb intake for the day. 

Keto bread reduces carbohydrates by almost 75%, meaning it can boost your fat-burning by 75% more than regular bread and won't push you out of ketosis. You'll continue to burn your fat rather than the sugar.


Many people face a gluten intolerance, which can force them to take up gluten-free foods. This, coupled with the myth that gluten-free bread can help you lose weight, automatically makes people opt for this, assuming it works for a keto diet.

However, most gluten-free bread uses rice flour or rice syrup to create, let's face it - average tasting bread – without the gluten. However, these products have been known to contain low levels of arsenic (yes, the dangerous poison). While it's not enough to be fatal, studies have shown that repeated digestion could contribute to fatigue, heart disease, and diabetes. 

The chemical preservatives and lectins used to keep your gluten-free bread fresh can also cause gut inflammation and boost your blood sugar – meaning you may even gain weight!

Keto bread avoids both issues. The healthy keto ingredients and low gluten levels are suitable for gluten intolerance and can also help you stick to your weight loss routine.

Things to Consider

Family Friendly

Bread is a part of the daily diet for most of us. The average American consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour each year just from eating bread. If you aim to reduce this amount for your whole family while still giving them precisely what they're craving, then keto bread might be a good substitute.


Most diets work on a calorie-counting basis. But the truth is, calorie counting leads to you eating less, meaning you have less energy and a slower metabolism.

What you need is to keep eating the right types of calories to speed up that metabolism, so you continue to lose weight. You shouldn't feel guilty for eating bread – it's a treat to tuck into that mouth-watering cheesy pizza.

One of the most extraordinary things about keto bread is it is designed to give you that same gooey feeling without the side of guilt.

Increased Protein And Fiber

Keto bread is specifically designed to be higher in protein and fiber than traditional bread while also being much lower in carbohydrates. The lack of carbs will force your body to use an alternate source of energy – ketones. Ketones focus on burning your fat rather than sugar, which keeps you energized while still losing weight.

Making Your Own Bread

Purchasing a Kelly's recipe book and baking the bread from scratch using almond flour, butter, eggs, and seasoning will allow for a greater appreciation of the food you're eating.

To maintain a healthy diet, you have to know exactly what's in your food. It's okay picking up something which says 'keto' on the label from the store – but you won't realize how much junk is in there to preserve it until you get it home.

A keto bread cookbook allows you to use healthy, fresh ingredients without adding junk, and you'll develop a better understanding of food to help you stay healthy in the future.

What’s the Verdict?

Keto bread is an excellent alternative if you're missing your typical morning toast, and it could be a perfect way to add the 'treat' element to your diet without actually worrying about weight gain. The ingredients are easy to get hold of, and it's flexible to suit any bread making from bagels to loaves.

 If you're aiming to satisfy your cravings, a Kelley's bread recipe might be your savior. Why not try a few of the beautiful recipes out for yourself?

Click the button below and see what Kelley has to offer.

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