Custom Keto Diet Review – Does It Work?

Losing weight is a chore for everyone, but it’s still something that most people will consider at some point in their lifetime. Most people will make the mistake of cutting down what they love to eat and starving their body of calories, only to be disappointed with the result.

The Custom Keto Diet removes the myths about cutting out food and makes losing weight enjoyable and easy.

If you’re serious about losing weight, but don’t feel like you’re ready to give up those delicious butter-covered steaks or that well-earned fry-up on a Sunday morning, then this could be the ideal option for you.


  • All the options are provided for you, so it takes the responsibility to stay honest out of your hands.
  • The diet reduces your insulin levels, making you healthier at the same time as helping you to lose weight.
  • You get to eat all the lovely food you did before. Providing some information about your favorite foods before setting your meal plan means that you'll be able to eat what you like and not have to survive on celery sticks.
  • It’s all based on science. It's not as simple as 'less calorie = less weight.' The state of ketosis boosts your energy and strengthens your metabolism too.
  • No calorie counting involved. You won't even have to punish yourself if you have a treat day.
  • Meal plans are created by professional and experienced chefs that specialize in keto diets.
  • Long-lasting changes – because the diet transforms your metabolism, you'll remain at the same weight, even after the diet.
  • The plan provides step-by-step instructions, even down to the recipes, so you can stick to your diet, even if you're not a great cook.


  • The diet plan lasts for 8-weeks. Yes, it works, but if you're looking for a quick win to fit into your dress on Saturday night, you may be disappointed. The keto diet is looking at the long-term.
  • Some studies have confirmed that keto can cause low blood pressure and may cause kidney stones or thyroid issues. It's not ideal for someone who already has a health condition related to the pancreas, liver, or thyroid.
  • May lead to keto flu – the transition from using carbs to using ketones as an energy resource may initially make you feel fatigued and cause some nausea. But the symptoms should pass quickly.

What Makes the Custom Keto Diet Different? 


The plan is created wholly online. You’ll first have to input some data about yourself, including your current weight, age, gender, types of exercise, and, of course, food intolerances, likes, and dislikes.

 Instead of trying to adapt yourself to work with a keto diet, you’ll get a plan that’s perfectly tailored to you as an individual. This means that you’ll love the diet you have, guaranteeing easier weight loss with no added pressure from having to eat things you don’t like

Grocery List & Meal Charts

Many people fall off the wagon while dieting during the weekly food shop. It’s easy to pick up those extra treats in your shopping cart, especially if you go shopping when you’re hungry. If you’re an impulse buyer, the Custom Keto Diet might be a great choice for you.

The plan gives you all of your weekly recipes laid out in a simple and easy-to-read format. There’s also a grocery list that will help you stay on track when you’re at the store. As long as you stick to your list, there’s no danger of going astray.

 The handy meal charts also help you understand the different vitamins and minerals within the types of foods you’re buying. Meaning you can even repurpose the shopping lists after the 8-week cycle to create new delicious meals for yourself without the added temptation.

Last case scenario, you can always bake your own keto bread.

Things To Consider

Ease of Use

Even if you’re not a great cook yourself, your meals will be planned for you specifically based on the things you like to eat.

You’ll have professional chefs and nutritionists working together with you to schedule your meals, and you’ll receive recipes and cooking instructions for everything. No effort required.

Time Taken

As it’s one of the easiest diets to stick to, it takes up very little of your precious time. It’s a great plan to work on if you have a busy schedule and don’t have all the time in the world to create vegetable-based smoothies.

All the instructions are provided for you, and the recipes can be used time and time again.


The plan focuses on creating a varied diet for you within the keto-approved food selection. This ensures you’re getting a full range of vitamins and minerals, and you won’t get bored of eating the same foods over and over again, like with many other diets.

Family Time

 The Custom Keto Diet is even easy to stick to if you have a family to feed. Yes, you might want to add some potatoes to their portion, but the meals themselves are essentially the same, so there’s no need to plan anything special just for you.

What’s The Verdict? 

Overall, the 8-week Custom Keto Diet is a great way to go if you’re looking for long-term weight loss. The meals are tasty, you won’t be made to feel guilty for eating what you like, and it’s free from stressful calorie counting.

You’ll also have the opportunity to have your meal plan created by professionals based on your tastes and needs. If you’ve previously tried an out-of-the-box solution and have struggled to stick strictly to the diet, then it’d be a good idea to try customization.

 Why not give it a go? Take those first steps to that perfect beach body today!

Custom keto diet review

Why not give it a go? Take those first steps to that perfect beach body today!

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