Everything You Wanted to Know About BHB and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Looking for a way to achieve ketosis rapidly, speeding through the transition phase so you can achieve your weight loss goals?

 Usually with respect to dieting, the phrase “no pain, no gain” applies. But if you take a BHB supplement, you can burn fat more quickly, reduce the symptoms of low-carb flu, and experience a host of other benefits as you follow your keto diet.

In this guide, you will learn exactly what BHB is.

We will take a look at the science behind BHB, what advantages it can offer dieters, and any drawbacks you should know about.

BHB is short for “beta-Hydroxybutyric acid.”

Your body makes beta-Hydroxybutyric acid during times when you are not consuming a lot of carbohydrates. It provides an alternative source of energy cells can use.

The BHB ketones you make are “endogenous”, which simply means they originate in your body.

When you take a BHB supplement manufactured in a lab, you are taking “exogenous ketones.” That phrase just means they come from outside your body.

Exogenous ketones may come take the form of salts or esters. The esters usually are only used in labs, while the salts may be packaged as capsules or drink mixes.

WebMD explains, “Early research suggests that BHB might help to preserve muscle mass and reduce feelings of hunger in overweight people who are on a very low-calorie diet or a starvation diet.”

As you will discover shortly, there are also studies that back up BHB for many other potential benefits as well.

Who Can Benefit from BHB?

  • If you want to achieve ketosis more rapidly and easily so you can make swift progress toward your weight loss goals, a BHB supplement can help.
  • Because BHB supplements streamline the transition to a ketogenic state, they can help keto dieters to reduce the experience of “low-carb flu.”
  • If for whatever reason, there are obstacles to being strict with a low-carb diet (say, for example, you are traveling for a week, and it is difficult to find food compatible with your low-carb requirements), a BHB supplement can help you continue making progress toward your goals.
  • Are you an athlete? You may be able to take your performance to the next level by taking exogenous ketones.

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Does Research Support Taking BHB Keto Supplements?

Yes, scientific research indicates that BHB supplements can be safe and effective for dieters.

Below, you can read more about the potential benefits of taking this type of keto supplement and check out some of the supporting studies.

How Taking Exogenous Ketones Could Help You Lose Weight and Feel Your Best

  • Feel less hungry as you are dieting. In this study, participants who drank a ketone beverage had lower levels of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. They felt fuller as a result. If you have trouble controlling your urge to overeat, a ketone supplement might help you stick to your plan.
  • Achieve ketosis more rapidly. Taking exogenous ketones increases the levels of ketones in your blood.
  • Enhance your performance when working out. One of the reasons athletes “hit a wall” is because of the breakdown of muscle glycogen, a process called “glycolysis.” Taking ketones to achieve ketosis resulted in a reduction in this process. As a result, you can push yourself harder athletically.
  • Protect cognitive health. BHB can protect the brain from inflammation by inhibiting “inflammasome” protein complexes.
  • Improve immunity. Ketosis expands gamma delta T-cells, which are a kind of immune cell. The anti-inflammatory action we discussed above also can help to bolster your immunity.
  • Reduce the symptoms of low-carb flu. These symptoms might include fatigue, brain fog, headaches, or other forms of discomfort. The lengthier the transition into ketosis, the more likely it is these symptoms will hamper your functioning. By speeding up the transition and replenishing your electrolytes, salt-based ketones can help to prevent and alleviate symptoms. If low-carb flu has stopped you from adhering to keto in the past, taking ketones might help you to successfully overcome this hurdle now.                                                            
  • Boost your energy. Dieters may feel an enhanced sense of energy and vitality through ketosis.

Do BHB Supplements Have Any Drawbacks?

On the whole, the benefits of BHB supplements outpace their potential drawbacks.

Still, for the sake of making an informed choice, it is important to be aware of potential disadvantages

  • Some people may experience mild digestive discomfort.
  • Your blood sugar may drop. This may be a positive or a negative.   
  • The flavor of ketone drinks is off-putting to some. But that is why we suggest that you take ketone capsules instead.

What Brand Should You Buy?

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It is fast, easy, and convenient to take the full-spectrum keto BHB salts in capsule form.

This product is backed by research published in the Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Journal.

Just by taking it daily, you can boost your energy levels, burn fat more efficiently, and progress rapidly toward your weight loss goals.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most out of BHB

  • Stick with a strict low-carb diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Stay hydrated, especially during the transition to ketosis.
  • Take the capsulas every day as directed.

Where to Get Your BHB?

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Control cravings and fuel your body!

Take BHB during those afternoon energy “slumps,” or to fuel physical and mental performance.

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