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[Review] Best Low Carb Cookbook 2018 – 116 Recipes Under 10g Of Carbs

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On March 9, 2017
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Transforming Recipes: The Ultra Low Carb Edition was written by Mary J. Gines and Alex V. Navarro. It’s a new kind of low carb cookbook. Gone are the days of bland and boring diet food. With 116 delicious, low carb and healthy dishes for you to prepare, Transforming Recipes invites you to rediscover your love of cooking.


One of the best low carb cookbook? Here is why!

Transforming Recipes: The Ultra Low-Carb Edition Book Review

Dieting is boring. There, I said it. Always having to cook the safe option, the thought of never eating pancakes again! With Transforming Recipes in your kitchen it is time to say goodbye to being bored at mealtimes.


Learning to cook new meals can be daunting for some. Transforming Recipes makes even the most complicated dish simple, with easy to follow, step by step instructions you will be serving delicious low carb meals in no time at all.

Speaking of never eating pancakes again, if almond flour pancakes sound enticing but prohibitive, fear not! Every mouthwatering meal, all 116 of them, contain less than 10g of carbs.

With a meal for every occasion and each dish taste tested for excellence, you and your family will look forward to every breakfast, lunch and dinner. A happy you and happy family, these are just some of the reasons why Transforming Recipes is one of the best low carb cookbook.

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Benefits of owning a quality low carb cookbook? Read on!

 hamburger from the best low carb cookbook

With health and fitness an important part of all our lives, healthy eating has never been more important. With a low carb cookbook, such as Transforming Recipes, you can start feeling the results of a healthier lifestyle.

  • Dual indexes. Ingredients and carbs are listed independently.
  • Recipes come with comprehensive nutrient information.

Both of these features make it easier than ever before to prepare exciting meals and desserts. Having all the relevant information in one place really makes a difference and can save a lot of time. More time for you to get in the kitchen and start discovering the delights of low carb cooking.

  • Diverse recipe selection.
  • Exciting creative dishes.

From pancakes to burgers, this low carb cookbook has it all. With a wide range of meals to choose from, finding the perfect food for the right moment is just a matter of opening your book and choosing which exciting dish to try next.

You should look forward to each meal and Transforming Recipes ensures that you never get bored with your diet. From everyday meals to dinner parties, there will be always something fresh, exciting and delicious for you to try.

  • High quality photos of each meal.

Ever wonder if your finished meal is looking as it should? Maybe you’ve asked yourself if a particular dish will go with the theme of your dinner party. High quality photos of the finished product allow you to see how each meal will look. Very handy when using as a guideline or planning a large meal in advance.

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Dieting without feeling like you’re dieting

Check their site for more photos & testimonials.


Two of the worst things about dieting is that hungry feeling or knowing your next meal is going to be something that you just don’t feel excited about eating. Having to eat separate meals from the rest of your family can be an unpleasant experience, ruining the evening meal and leaving you feeling unstatisfied and disinterested in your diet. Transforming Recipes changes all of that. With so many different tasty meals, sweets and savories to choose from, you can find something for every occasion. The sheer amount of choice and freedom on offer allow you to make any meal a culinary delight.

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  • 116 ultra-low carb mouthwatering recipes.
  • Recipes built from the ground up to compliment any low carb diet.
  • Beautiful, full coloured photos of each dish.
  • Easy-to-read instructions for every meal. Perfect for beginners and those more experienced in low-carb cooking.
  • Indexed twice! Shows carb count or ingredients. Makes choosing your next meal simple.
  • A full nutrient breakdown of each dish with each recipe containing less than 10g of carbs.

All meals have been taste tested to ensure each dish is not only ultra-low carb but also delicious and interesting.




Mealtimes are an important part of our day. Transforming Recipes celebrates that with over a 100 delicious and exciting dishes. With easy to follow instructions and glorious high quality photographs it is suitable for beginner and experienced foodies alike, so it’s well deserved it’s place among the best low carb cookbooks. Transform your mealtimes with Transforming Recipes. You won’t regret it.




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