LCHF is truly a gamchanger…

LCHF is truly a gamchanger…

Hey there! I’m Noémi from Hungary, I found keto (LCHF) few years ago, and it changed my life.

LCHF result
Me after 10 months

“What is wrong with you? You have gained so much weight! You have become so fat!”

These were the only voices that echoed in my head months back. I started avoiding people – my friends, peers, relatives, everyone. I shunned going out to crowded places as if all eyes were on me.

One day, I got an invitation for a wedding that I couldn’t deny as it was of a close relative’s. I had no idea what to wear as no clothes in my wardrobe fit me. After trying out many dresses, I got into one and wore that, trying my best to look thinner. As soon as I reached there, I felt like every eye was locked onto me.

People came to me and were like, “Such a drastic change. Why and how did you gain so much? and some said, “You should do something about your weight. You should stop it now or else, it will be very difficult later!”


After I had returned home, I stood in front of the mirror and asked myself, Do I really look that fat that everyone is saying it to me, to my face?” And the answer was a big YES . A girl, 162 cm tall with a weight of 63 kg cannot look good and thin in any way.

There was nothing wrong in what everyone was saying. Obesity leads to numerous complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, stroke, and osteoarthritis. Something had to be done in order to come back to shape, but I had to ponder over what that would be.


Then i found ketogenic diet (LCHF)

And it was a gamechanger. I was looking for a solution for a long-long time, and after many failed attempts at losing weight i finally found the diet that suits to me.

The best thing in ketogenic diet is that you can eat delicious meals, not just the usual “chicken-rice-veggies” combo. All you have to do is cut off carbohydrate, which is not as hard as it sounds when you have the proper resource and plan.

I have a favorite quote which helped me improve my life in many ways: 
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Larry Elder

So i started to looking for guides and cookbooks,  stumbled upon many different plans and books, and i was a bit confused which one to choose. After reading forums and reviews i finally chose two; a ketogenic diet guide from (read my review here), and a Ketosis Cookbook (read my review here), which was recommended by a friend. However the guide contains recipes as well, but i was like “more recipes, more plesaure”.

Ordering these books had one more unexpected perk. Now i felt financially invested, and it was surprsingly motivational when i carved for carbohydrate. Even though it wasn’t a huge investment, that fifty bucks helped a lot, and i haven’t regret spending it.

So i downloaded the ebooks and printed them (I like to read from paper), then I drafted out a daily plan that I pledged to follow strictly.

The idea was to start morning exercise, and evening walk and use a diet plan from the books I ordered. My goal was to lose 2 kg per month. I know it isn’t sound much, but I deliberately kept the mark realistic, so that at least I can achieve something near that.


Okay, but what is LCHF exactly?


The LCHF diet restricts the consumption of carbohydrates in your daily meals. Low carbs help keep the blood sugar levels low. With low sugar level, less insulin is produced and less fat is stored in the body. The body uses the fat for energy instead of carbohydrates as it is already less in amount due to low consumption. Hence, fat is burned from the body and the person starts losing weight.

The fewer the carb intake, the more robust the influence on weight. The benefit of LCHF is not only on weight loss, but it also helps in the improvement of numerous other complications like diabetes, digestive issues, allergies, and mood swings.

The foods that can be eaten in an LCHF diet include meat, chicken, fish, egg, mushroom, tomato, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, butter, cream, and fat cheese. The foods that should be avoided include sugar, cookies, grains, rice, corn, bread, pasta, and potato.


Is it worth it? Yes!

After a month on LCHF, when I stepped on the scale, I was shocked to see that I lost 2,2 kilogram! I had achieved my goal. My diet plan and exercises were paying off. I was on the seventh sky at the time and looking at the outcome, my determination to lose weight increased further. I worked even harder the following months to lose more, or at least the same amount.


Initially, the only one who told me that I had lost weight was the scale. But as months passed by, I lost more and more weight and it began to be obvious on my body and face.

I regained self-confidence, which was lost a few months back. I was no longer shy to meet people; instead, I loved going out and partying with friends. In short, I was going back to my normal life. The greatest joy was when I was able to get into my favorite old clothes. I finally had the whole wardrobe to me: a huge collection of clothes to choose from when going out.


Finally I’m happy again!


Now, when I went out, all I heard was, “You have become so thin,”  and, “How did you lose so much in such a short time? My happiness at hearing this, was on an extremely different level, because the person who was mocked, and taunted for her looks a few months back was being praised for the same reason all of a sudden.


When I started the LCHF diet, I had in mind that I might lose 2 to 3 kilos, but it was such a drastic change that in three months, I lost almost 9 kilos.


I had never expected that! Not only did I lose weight by reducing carbs in my diet, but I also felt more fresh and energetic than before. I could see my skin glowing and becoming clearer.

So, if you need to reduce weight, there’s no time to lose. You can get your old body back with the LCHF diet. You can also try the books I mentioned above as they are a huge help. Follow the LCHF diet plan using those, and see how your world turn around magically. Just remember, this work requires patience as nobody can lose weight in a day or two. So work out for a month at least and then see the amazing results. Good luck!

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