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A new and exciting low carb cookbook

A new and exciting low carb cookbook

Low Carb CookbookTransforming Recipes: The Ultra Low Carb Edition was written by Mary J. Gines and Alex V. Navarro. It’s a new kind of low carb cookbook. Gone are the days of bland and boring diet food. With 116 delicious, low carb and healthy dishes for you to prepare, Transforming Recipes invites you to rediscover your love of cooking.


One of the best low carb cookbook? Here is why!


Dieting is boring. There, I said it. Always having to cook the safe option, the thought of never eating pancakes again! With Transforming Recipes in your kitchen it is time to say goodbye to being bored at mealtimes.

Learning to cook new meals can be daunting for some. Transforming Recipes makes even the most complicated dish simple, with easy to follow, step by step instructions you will be serving delicious low carb meals in no time at all.

Speaking of never eating pancakes again, if almond flour pancakes sound enticing but prohibitive, fear not! Every mouthwatering meal, all 116 of them, contain less than 10g of carbs.

With a meal for every occasion and each dish taste tested for excellence, you and your family will look forward to every breakfast, lunch and dinner. A happy you and happy family, these are just some of the reasons why Transforming Recipes is one of the best low carb cookbook.


Benefits of owning a quality low carb cookbook? Read on!


With health and fitness an important part of all our lives, healthy eating has never been more important. With a low carb cookbook, such as Transforming Recipes, you can start feeling the results of a healthier lifestyle.

  • Dual indexes. Ingredients and carbs are listed independently.
  • Recipes come with comprehensive nutrient information.

Both of these features make it easier than ever before to prepare exciting meals and desserts. Having all the relevant information in one place really makes a difference and can save a lot of time. More time for you to get in the kitchen and start discovering the delights of low carb cooking.

  • Diverse recipe selection.
  • Exciting creative dishes.

From pancakes to burgers, this low carb cookbook has it all. With a wide range of meals to choose from, finding the perfect food for the right moment is just a matter of opening your book and choosing which exciting dish to try next.

You should look forward to each meal and Transforming Recipes ensures that you never get bored with your diet. From everyday meals to dinner parties, there will be always something fresh, exciting and delicious for you to try.

  • High quality photos of each meal.

Ever wonder if your finished meal is looking as it should? Maybe you’ve asked yourself if a particular dish will go with the theme of your dinner party. High quality photos of the finished product allow you to see how each meal will look. Very handy when using as a guideline or planning a large meal in advance.

Dieting without feeling like you’re dieting

Check their site for more photos & testimonials.


Two of the worst things about dieting is that hungry feeling or knowing your next meal is going to be something that you just don’t feel excited about eating. Having to eat separate meals from the rest of your family can be an unpleasant experience, ruining the evening meal and leaving you feeling unstatisfied and disinterested in your diet. Transforming Recipes changes all of that. With so many different tasty meals, sweets and savories to choose from, you can find something for every occasion. The sheer amount of choice and freedom on offer allow you to make any meal a culinary delight.




  • 116 ultra-low carb mouthwatering recipes.
  • Recipes built from the ground up to compliment any low carb diet.
  • Beautiful, full coloured photos of each dish.
  • Easy-to-read instructions for every meal. Perfect for beginners and those more experienced in low-carb cooking.
  • Indexed twice! Shows carb count or ingredients. Makes choosing your next meal simple.
  • A full nutrient breakdown of each dish with each recipe containing less than 10g of carbs.

All meals have been taste tested to ensure each dish is not only ultra-low carb but also delicious and interesting.




Mealtimes are an important part of our day. Transforming Recipes celebrates that with over a 100 delicious and exciting dishes. With easy to follow instructions and glorious high quality photographs it is suitable for beginner and experienced foodies alike, so it’s well deserved it’s place among the best low carb cookbooks. Transform your mealtimes with Transforming Recipes. You won’t regret it.

The Essential Ketogenic Cookbook – Review

The Essential Ketogenic Cookbook – Review

ketogenic cookbookThe ketogenic diet is an exciting journey toward rapid weight loss and better health.  But as with any new diet, enthusiasm starts to wane after a few weeks or months of effort.  Suddenly you start craving all the desserts, sandwiches and pasta dishes you have given up.  You tire of the bland recipes you’ve been eating week after week.  You don’t know what to snack on in the middle of the day, and you don’t have a clue what to make when you are in a rush.  Even if you already own a ketogenic cookbook or two, you may still find yourself with a lot of gaps in your menu.

 You could search the internet for free recipes, and there are a lot out there.  But not all address the problem of bland meals or help you to replace the foods you miss the most.  Many require exotic ingredients or cooking procedures.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find everything you are looking for in the pages of an eBook?

 (If you are looking for a larger collection, this is the right cookbook for you)


 What Is The Essential Ketogenic Cookbook?


The Essential Keto Cookbook is an eBook which you can download instantly and read on any device, be it your desktop, laptop, or mobile (there is a paperback too, but the eBook is so convenient!).  With more than 124 low-carb recipes as well as comprehensive meal plans, this ketogenic cookbook makes it effortless to decide what to eat each day.

 With The Essential Keto Cookbook, there is no reason to ever run out of ideas for easy and delicious meals.  You can also get back to eating a lot of foods you may have thought were lost to you on a ketogenic diet, including sinful deserts like chocolate biscotti and even mouth-watering dishes like cauliflower “rice”!

Who Are Louise and Jeremy Hendon?

ketogenic cookbook

The Essential Keto Cookbook was written by authors Louise and Jeremy Hendon.  Both Jeremy and Louise have written a number of eBooks and paperbacks on the paleo and keto diets.  Louise is a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine, and Jeremy works as a life coach.  So these two both not only have extensive knowledge of keto dieting, but also have experience teaching others about how to diet successfully. 

That blueprint is exactly what makes The Essential Keto Cookbook so uniquely effective.  So many keto recipe books are frustrating because they assume you already know everything about cooking.  This book doesn’t just provide you with recipes; it really teaches you how to cook keto like a pro.



More Than 124 Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes

When you order The Essential Keto Cookbook, you will get more than 124 delicious keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts, including

ketogenic cookbook

  • Mini Burgers

  • Fiery Buffalo Wings

  • Jalapeno “Corn” Bread

  • Chocolate Biscotti

  • Thai Chicken Pad See Ew

  • Chinese Pork Spare Ribs

  • Fish Tacos

  • Beef Curry

  • Popcorn Shrimp

  • Chocolate Coffee Coconut Truffles


You will notice that while there is a wide variety of recipes, this cookbook is especially ideal for those who enjoy the flavors of Asia.

Full color photographs throughout the book whet your appetite, and along the way, you will learn all kinds of awesome cooking and health tips which help you to get even more out of the ketogenic cookbook.  This is added value which you will not encounter in every recipe book.  Additionally, the authors provide you with detailed nutritional information on every dish including the net carbs, protein, fat, and calories. 

Another very cool feature of The Essential Keto Cookbook is the presentation of every recipe in both metric and US units.  That way no matter what units you are used to using, you can enjoy using this eBook.  No conversions are necessary!

As a bonus, this ketogenic cookbook includes a full ketogenic diet food list and a two-week and four-week keto meal plan.  This is a big plus for keto newbies, but also is a great feature for advanced dieters who are looking for some help transitioning into preparing new meals.


Pros and Cons



  • There are lots of scrumptious recipes here for every meal of the day plus snacks and desserts.  If you enjoy Asian cooking, you will be delighted to see that many of the recipes in this ketogenic cookbook are Asian or Asian-inspired.  If you do not like Asian cuisine, you will find plenty of other types of foods here to enjoy—it is just a bonus if you do.

  • Most of the recipes are fast and easy to make.  Nothing here is bland; everything is delectably spiced.  All the ingredients are common, affordable, and easy to find.

  • The cooking and health tips provide you with expert insights as you read.

  • You never have to do any unit conversions.

  • Free bonus content adds value to the ketogenic cookbook.  That includes email coaching if you need it.  How many cookbook authors will actually answer your questions about their recipes?  It is amazing being able to get personal advice from the experts.

  • There is a 60 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  That offers you plenty of time to try out the cookbook.



  • There is not much of an introduction in this ketogenic cookbook.  If you already are a keto expert, this may not be a big deal, but if you are newer to the diet or you simply enjoy scientific insights, you are not going to find a lot in the way of theory

  • The meal plan makes use of leftovers.  That isn’t really a “bad” feature for a ketogenic cookbook, but it may not work out so well if you eat larger portions.

 Does This Ketogenic Cookbook Deliver?

 In a word … absolutely!  The Essential Keto Cookbook is an excellent eBook for beginners and veterans of the keto diet who want to expand and spice up their weekly menus without struggling to find obscure ingredients or do challenging preparations.  This ketogenic cookbook brings back low-carb versions of a lot of favorite foods that you may have been missing.  It is definitely a fantastic value at a very reasonable price. 


7 Health Benefits of Turmeric Backed by Research

7 Health Benefits of Turmeric Backed by Research

turmeric_If you have been searching for a natural supplement which can give your overall health boost, you probably have heard about turmeric, specifically turmeric curcumin.  What is turmeric, and how can it revolutionize your well-being, protecting your body from diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer?  Let’s learn more about this amazing spice!

What is Organic Turmeric?

First of all, not everyone is familiar with turmeric.  If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, however, you have more than likely eaten it.  It is the pungent spice which gives many Indian dishes a yellow color and a distinctive flavor.

Curcumin is a compound which is contained inside turmeric and which has demonstrated impressive health effects in research studies.  It is commonly extracted from turmeric and packed into supplements in a highly concentrated form.2

Now, there is one more important thing to know about organic turmeric curcumin, and that is that it is hard for your body to absorb.  This is particularly the case with supplements containing isolated curcumin.  A full-spectrum turmeric supplement gives your body the nutritional components it needs in order to derive the full benefits of turmeric.

Let’s check out some of those amazing health benefits!  Here is why you should make organic turmeric a regular part of your diet:

  1. Speed up weight loss.

belly-2354_640-compressorIf you are eating a high-fat, low-carb diet, you are already on the way to weight loss.  LCHF diets are backed up by a lot of research.  As you know, however, it can be a long journey, and if you have a lot of weight to lose, the pounds may come off slowly at first.  Research shows that taking turmeric curcumin may help to reduce the accumulation of visceral fat while eating a high-fat diet.  This can speed up your overall progress toward your weight loss goals.


  1. Fight diabetes.

diabetes-1270350_640-compressorIf you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, it is critical to control your blood sugar.  The curcuminoids and sesquiterpenoids in turmeric may help to keep your blood glucose levels stable, controlling your diabetes symptoms and preventing the disease from progressing.


  1. Reduce inflammation body-wide.

signs-24066_640-compressorResearchers are discovering that many deadly diseases develop in part through the influence of chronic inflammation in the body.  Turmeric curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which can help to prevent those diseases as well as the other unpleasant health effects of ongoing inflammation.


  1. Treat joint pain.

skeleton-778069_640-compressorArthritis is one widespread inflammatory condition which is painful as it is pervasive.  If you suffer from joint pain due to inflammation, you will discover that turmeric curcumin makes for an effective pain remedy.  In fact, it is so potent that many patients who switch over to using turmeric to treat their joint pain are able to reduce their arthritis medication or even quit using their medication entirely.

Try Premium Turmeric Extract Now (Moneyback Guarantee)

  1. Prevent heart disease.

hands-91125_640-compressorThe curcumin contained in turmeric is an antioxidant which can help to neutralize free radicals.  Free radicals cause oxidation in the body, a damaging process which may be intrinsically tied to the adverse effects of aging.  Oxidation can also lead to a number of other health problems, including diseases of the cardiovascular system.  The powerful antioxidants in turmeric curcumin have a protective effect on the heart, and may even prevent cardiovascular complications due to diabetes.


  1. Promote healthy brain function.

brain-1710293_640-compressorAlzheimer’s disease is on the rise; cases have dramatically swelled around the world over recent years, and researchers still are nowhere close to finding a cure or even an effective treatment.

There are a few supplements which show some promise in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, one of which is turmeric curcumin.  If you take organic turmeric, it can stimulate the production of the brain hormone BDNF.  Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have lower BDNF levels than healthy individuals.  So it is possible that by promoting BDNF production, turmeric can provide some defense against Alzheimer’s.


  1. Prevent cancer.

cancer-389921_640-compressorCancer is another deadly disease which is increasing in prevalence and for which there still is no reliable cure.  Curcumin has demonstrated activity against a range of different cancers including leukemia, breast cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer, melanoma, and others.  This makes it a safe natural choice for cancer prevention and treatment.  While it is not enough on its own to cure this terrible disease, anything natural and healthy which can help in the fight is a smart addition to your diet.


How to Take Organic Turmeric

Now that you know some of the incredible health benefits of turmeric, you can see why it is one of the best all-around choices to bolster your health.  But how do you take it?

There are a number of different forms you can buy turmeric curcumin in, but as discussed earlier, it is best to choose a product like PuraTHRIVE which includes full-spectrum turmeric.  That way you can maximize absorption.  PuraTHRIVE uses a special liposomal delivery system which provides up to 20x the bioavailability of other methods.6

Taking organic turmeric is easy.  Just drink two full droppers (2ml) once each day.  Shake it up gently before you use it.  Take it straight if you like, or mix it in with some water, juice, or a smoothie.

Note that turmeric does give some people heartburn.  If it is a trigger for you, you probably will want to water it down or take it with food.  You may also wish to have a heartburn remedy ready (licorice makes a good choice).

Thankfully most people are able to take turmeric without experiencing any side effects—except the side effects of great health of course!

So give turmeric a try.  If you are on a diet and struggling to lose weight, need help controlling your blood glucose, are crippled by arthritis pain, or simply are searching for a way to prevent disease, you will find that turmeric does a wonderful job promoting body-wide well-being.  Few other supplements are as gentle, safe, and well researched.  Turmeric has served as a reliable remedy for hundreds of years in traditional medicine, and modern science agrees—it is one of the most powerful organic remedies out there!

Try Premium Turmeric Extract Now (Moneyback Guarantee)

Can I Save My Marriage With The “Save The Marriage” System?

Can I Save My Marriage With The “Save The Marriage” System?

“I Do

The two words that changed your life forever. The intense feeling of excitement, passion and love is something that cannot be put into words, and the huge cloud of uncertainty that was lingering over you and your partner was filled with excitement, and adventure. The road looked long, and full of happiness, and for the majority of time it was, but marriage is a complicated endeavour, and love is one of the hardest emotions to figure out. In the blink of an eye, the excitement can turn to doubt, the happiness can turn to depression, and those precious feelings that were once so strong feel like they have gone forever.

But what if there was a way to rekindle the passion that has somehow faded away? What if you could recreate those special days that you and your partner shared at the beginning of your marriage?


Click Here to Watch Their Video!

There is no need for expensive couples retreats, or expensive couples therapy sessions. What if you could repair your broken marriage, and rekindle the fire from the comfort of your own home?

Save The Marriage by Dr. Lee Baucom is a one of a kind relationship development program that allows conflicting couples to understand their marital problems on the deepest level possible, with advice and techniques on how to rebuild that passion and love that you once had. With your current frame of mind, it can be incredibly tempting to simply sign the divorce papers, and start again, but with the help of Save The Marriage, there is no reason why you and your partner can’t relive those glory days by turning back the clocks, and getting your marriage back onto the straight and narrow road that it once was.

Who Is Dr. Lee Baucom?

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D is marriage and family therapist, and the author and creator of the Save The Marriage program. With two masters degrees, and more than two decades of therapy practice, Lee Baucom is the perfect solution for couples who’s marriage is at breaking point. To gain access to Lee in person would cost several thousands of dollars per day, and because of his incredibly high success rate, the chances of speaking to him directly within the next 6 months is very slim.

When you feel like there is nothing left for you to give, and you are ready to walk out of the front door, waiting 6 months to get the help you deserve is far too long, and it was because of this why Lee decided to create the Save The Marriage program in the first place, so people like you can have access to his knowledge, and experience from the comfort of your own home.

Does The Program Really Work?

Whether or not the program works will completely depend on the effort you are willing to put into fixing your broken relationship. The program itself does a fantastic job at helping you and your partner find a complete understanding of the purpose of marriage, and how you can really commit to the idea of spending the rest of your lives together. If you are desperate to make your marriage work, and you are willing to fully commit to saving it, then Save the Marriage could be the lifeline you are looking for.

Where this program really excels compared to anything else on the market is the opening section, where Lee explains the core drives that make a marriage successful, and why traditional marriage counselling techniques are flawed. This section alone is worth the investment, but as the program unfolds into the other different subsections, you will realise how valuable this training and information is.

The program contains a ton of information, and whether you are going through this journey on yourself, or together with your partner, your mindset and approach the whole concept of marriage will be completely changed. In the second section of the Save The Marriage program, Lee talks about where the majority of marriages fail, and how you can move your train of thought from the “You & Me” way of thinking, to the “We” paradigm. The rest of the program is packed full of tips, explanations, techniques, tricks and secrets to making your marriage work, and the attitude in which Lee helps you understand the concepts is very positive, and thought provoking.

It doesn’t matter what area of your marriage is struggling to keep it’s form, whether it’s the lack of communication, or the lack of sex, Save The Marriage will have the answers to all of your questions, and will completely change your love life for the better.

What Is In The Program?

The Save The Marriage program is crammed full of information which is broken down into 4 different modules, as well as 4 additional bonus gifts which are only available for a limited amount of time. The program will help you understand, evaluate and fix every aspect of your marriage, but if your are interested in just one specific area, then you will definitely find the information in one of the 4 modules, which include:

  • “Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Your Partner Wants Out”

  • “Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage”

  • Save The Marriage Core Component

  • “Down-N-Dirty Guide To Saving Your Marriage”

The massive amount of value you will pull from the main four modules is enough to cover the measly $47 investment, but to make the program just that little bit more effective, Lee Baucom will also throw in four bonus gifts at no cost whatsoever:

  • An audio book for coping with a midlife marriage crisis

  • Another audio book to help you recover from an affair

  • A report to help lay the ground rules for fair fighting

  • A free bonus e-book written by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault called Change Of Heart

Pro’s & Con’s

Save The Marriage is a brilliant program that has helped thousands of couples to recreate that bond that was missing in their marriages, and there is no reason why it cannot work for your relationship too. However, it wouldn’t be fair to leave you without at least mentioning the pro’s and the con’s of the program, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s something you are interested in.


  • The program is not only applicable to couples who are on the brink of a divorce. The useful tips and techniques can help steady couples to achieve a higher level of understanding of marriage, and commitment to their relationships.

  • The modules are broken down into easy-to-understand subsections, and each module is concluded with a list of bullet points which help group all of the most important principles together.

  • Each section will target a different aspect of your married life, including sex, finance and the emotional connection between you and your partner.

  • Each of the ideas and concepts that are expressed in the program are backed up with real life examples, and hypothetical situations.

  • The program is incredibly detailed, and contains a wide range of content.

  • Four bonuses are included in the one-time fee.

  • Costs less than $50, which is less than one hour with a traditional marriage counsellor

  • 60-Day money back guarantee with no questions asked.



  • The tips and techniques may conflict the ideas put forward by any other counsellors you may be speaking to. While this is not really a bad thing, it is worth going into the program with an open mind.

  • The program is constantly backed up with scientifical theories and studies, which can be a little bit difficult to understand at times.

  • The support desk can be slow to respond, but the chances of you actually requiring them are slim anyway.


Although some sections can be rather difficult to understand, the underlying concepts within Save The Marriage work very well at identifying your marital problems, as well as methods on how to fix them. You do require an open mind when you are putting the program into practice, since a lot of the methods used are very unconventional, however sometimes we need unconventional ways to save our marriage. Don’t hesitate to give this program a try, click the button below for more info.


1000 Questions for Couples Review

1000 Questions for Couples Review

1000-questions-for-couples1000 Questions for Couples is a book that contains hundreds of fun “getting to know you” questions, but there are also significant ones that most people do not even think of asking.

However, these questions are vital if you want to have a comfortable relationship. There are people around us who never told their soulmates about having DUI convictions or that they are sterile or had an STD. Admittedly, those are quite difficult questions to ask someone. However, if you are going through a book of questions, it is much easier to bring up difficult subjects to the surface. Only the practice of answering the easy questions will prime you and your mate for truthfully answering the more challenging ones.

Click Here To Learn More


What to expect from 1000 Questions for Couples?

In the book, the author has discussed the problems and issues that occur between couples in great detail. He has primarily exposed the problems that occur in relationships due to failure in communication. The book contains some crucial questions that most couples are afraid to ask but are necessary if the couple wants to have a solid, happy relationship. The book “1000 Questions for Couples” contains 70% questions that focus on husband and wife relationships. Including eighty-five pages, the book covers different aspects of a relationship such as morals, convictions, religious and spiritual matters and beliefs, holidays and celebrations, friends and family, hobbies and entertainment, communication, money, sex, children and child rearing, career and education, and the list goes on.

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Features and Benefits

1000 Questions for Couples is an extremely successful guide. It has helped a vast number of men and women to get to know their partner in less time and have fun at the same time. The questions in the book will help you understand the feelings, thoughts, and desires of the one you are with. After going through these questions, you will know the things your partner is passionate about. You will know how you can give him or her joy and happiness. Lastly, you will also discover what makes them blue and what irritates them. The questions are specifically designed to build trust and confidence and thus, develop the feelings of deep intimacy.


Asking the appropriate questions can let you fall in love, stay in love, and grow deeper in love. Furthermore, asking the right questions will potentially save you a lot of heartaches if they are asked early in the relationship and red flags pop up. You must have heard way too many stories of marriages or long-term relationships that break up only because a few significant things were never discussed in the early stages and resulted in huge issues later on. Due to the useful information and questions provided in the 1000 Questions for Couples PDF, a lot of couples can now improve their marriage and feel closer to their loved one. Besides, using this book also helps you gain some other benefits. It can help quickly improve your communication skills, teach you how to manage your anger in a relationship, develop the ability in your to read your partner’s mind, boost your self-confidence naturally, make you experience a better sex life, and a lot more.

Click Here To Learn More

The simple and easy-to-understand book can be used by anyone. It is suitable for all genders and age groups. It is well-written and covers a wide variety of questions and topics that are vital to develop a strong relationship and will keep you entertained for months. The best part about 1000 Questions for Couples is the hundred percent money back guarantee. You can try it out for a couple of months, and if it is not everything you thought it would be, then you can get your money back, no questions asked.


About the Author

1000 Questions for Couples is written by Michael Webb, who is a veteran relationship pro and a best-selling author. Michael is a relationship expert who has years of knowledge and expertise in the field. He is a syndicated columnist and runs an e-zine, which he has dedicated to helping men become more romantic. He is widely recognized and regarded in the media as one of the nation’s best experts on romance.

About twenty years ago, Michael Webb began a mission to help men and women by infusing more romance and love into their relationships; not just on special occasions or holidays, but making every day a great day for romance. He has been featured in the media multiple times sharing his secrets and tips with viewers worldwide. He has done numerous seminars and workshops and have been featured on over five hundred radio and television programs, including Oprah and the iconic game show “To Tell the Truth”. Michael was even a celebrity spokesperson alongside Fabio for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”.

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Reviews and Ratings

This wonderful book has several readers who consider it as the best and most helpful guide that every in a relationship should own. It is especially highly recommended for anyone who is in a new relationship and needs to work their way through these questions. The questions can uncover secrets that might sabotage your relationship, and will draw you closer to your partner in a way you had not even imagined.

The only negative thing about this book is that if you are dealing with a guy who is being fake and dishonest and is trying to present himself to you as someone he is not, then the principles mentioned in the book probably will not work. However, if you are dating someone who is that big of a liar, you will be able to pick up on that fact very quickly on your own. The book is based on ease of reading, the money back guarantee and the hours and hours of entertainment. So search for the 1000 Questions for Couples PDF now and enjoy reading it. The only thing you have got to lose is a deadbeat boyfriend.


Best Keto Cookbook To Start With in 2017? Read On!

Best Keto Cookbook To Start With in 2017? Read On!

One of the hardest parts of starting a new diet is changing your routine.  That is especially true with a ketogenic diet, and goes double if you are used to eating a lot of carbs.  That’s why I’ve purchased a number of keto cookbooks since starting my low-carb diet.  So far the one that has made the biggest difference is Ketosis Cookbook: Melt the Fat Away! Best Keto Cookbook


Click the button below to visit Ketosis Cookbook homepage, or keep reading to find out why this is one of the best keto cookbook.


Benefits of owning a Keto Cookbook


First things first; you may be asking yourself, “Do I even need a keto cookbook?”  The internet is of course overflowing with free recipes, but that doesn’t really help when you have a busy schedule.  I don’t know about you, but when I come home exhausted from work, I don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt online just to find something to make for dinner.  I want a whole library of easy, delicious, healthy ketogenic recipes just waiting for me.

But you don’t want to buy just any recipe book.  Think about how many recipes you have to dig through online to find something worth making.  The last thing you want to do is pay for a keto cookbook without having a good idea what you are getting.

(Check my Transforming Recipes: Ultra Low Carb Edition review too)

Since obtaining Ketosis Cookbook, it has been so much easier to stick to my dieting plan.  I look forward to trying new recipes, and I don’t dread having to search for them!

I did a lot of research before I purchased Ketosis Cookbook: Melt The Fat Away; thankfully it met and exceeded my expectationsNow I want to save you that time and effort by sharing my experiences.


Who Should Get A Ketosis Cookbook?


What is great about this Keto Cookbook is that it is an excellent choice no matter where you are in terms of experience with the ketogenic diet.  If you are a complete newbie, you will find these recipes easy to make using ingredients that you can find at any local supermarket.  If you are a ketogenic pro, you will find some incredible new recipes here that can spice up your diet.

Just in case you aren’t all that familiar with ketogenic diets, here’s a quick definition of ketosis:

Ketosis is a state of metabolism where your body is primarily burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

To enter into a ketogenic state, you need to eat a low-carb diet.

The diet in Ketosis Cookbook has the following scientifically-proven benefits:




This makes the Ketosis Cookbook an excellent choice if you:


  • Are trying to shed a lot of unwanted weight the fast and healthy way—and keep those extra pounds off!
  • Are diabetic or pre-diabetic
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Just want to get healthy and stay that way


Now that you know more about the benefits of a ketogenic diet, let’s talk about why this Keto Cookbook is beneficial for you, or Click The Button Now and visit their site immediately!


What You Get with Ketosis Cookbook


What makes one keto cookbook better than another?  For me, it is a combination of depth and simplicity.  I’ve purchased recipe books that overwhelm you with 50 pages of science before they dive into the recipes.  That’s great if that’s what you want, but I’d rather just get to the meat of things (pun intended).  And I want the recipes to be easy to make—but I don’t want them to be bland!


Here is what’s inside the Ketosis Cookbook:


  • Appetizers and dipsBest Keto Cookbook
  • Beef dishes
  • Poultry dishes
  • Pork dishes
  • Salads
  • Sauces and marinades
  • Seafood
  • Side dishes
  • Snacks
  • Soups & stews
  • Breakfast
  • Breads, biscuits, and muffins
  • Condiments and dressings
  • Fish
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Desserts

You also get four bonuses,

and this is why It’s among the best keto books.


Best Keto Cookbook

  • Bonus #1: Keto Desserts, which includes mouth-watering pies, brownies, cakes, cookies, puddings, mousse, ice cream and beverages
  • Bonus #2: Slow Cook Meals
  • Bonus #3: 12-Week Meal Plan
  • Bonus #4: The Ultimate Guide To The Ketogenic diet


That meal plan was a lifesaver for me.  I never enjoy making decisions about food; I waste way too much time trying to figure out what to eat.  So it was great to have a sample meal plan to follow.  It got me into the habit of ketogenic cooking and after a few weeks, I found I could plan menus on my own with ease.

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Pros and Cons of Ketosis Cookbook


Here are some pros and cons to consider before you get this ketogenic cookbook.


  • There are so many more categories for recipes in Ketosis Cookbook than in most keto cookbooks.  Finally you have a cookbook with sections which are more helpful than “breakfast, lunch and dinner.”  It makes it a breeze to find what you want!
  • The cookbook includes tons of recipes for breads, biscuits, and muffins.  This is a big deal, as a lot of newbies are under the false impression they have to give up on foods like these to go ketogenic.  I have only found a few good recipes for low-carb breads online—and mostly for weird replacements.  The recipes in this Ketogenic Cookbook were a game-changer for me.
  • These recipes are anything but bland.  Many beginners think that their diets are going to be totally boring without carbs.  And you know what?  A lot of ketogenic recipes are bland—but not the ones in this keto cookbook.
  • I have never seen so many keto dessert recipes.  That’s right—you can give up sugar and still enjoy sweets.  This makes it much easier to stick to your diet!
  • I had no problem finding the ingredients to make the majority of these dishes at my local grocery store.  Contrast that with a lot of recipes I wanted to try online only to realize they required exotic ingredients I couldn’t find.
  • 30 day money back guaranteeguarantee-300-opt-compressor



  • Many dessert recipes recommend artificial sweeteners.  I don’t use those, so I had to figure out how to alter them to use honey or stevia instead.
  • Some of the recipes in the keto diet PDF are time-consuming.  There are certainly plenty of quick ones to make up for it, though.
  • The only other drawback I can think of is that I didn’t buy this ages ago.  Seriously, I would have had such an easier time getting started with low-carb if I’d had this keto cookbook from the start.


Conclusion: A Great Choice for Beginners and Keto Pros


This Ketogenic Cookbook definitely scores 5/5 for me.  This is one of the best keto cookbook.  The recipes are easy to make, they taste delicious, and there is an amazing amount of variety here; you will never get bored.  The meal plan makes it simple to get started, and once you do, you will never tire of exploring these tasty meals and snacks.  Yes, dieting can be fun!  I’ve finally dropped a few belt sizes and I’m feeling fantastic.  At this rate I should reach my goal weight within a couple months.

If you are looking for a well written Ketogenic Diet Book, which covers every aspect of this awesome lifestyle, don’t hesitate to click the button below, and take it for a ride in your kitchen.







The Keto Beginning Review

The Keto Beginning Review

If you don’t know where to start your ketogenic diet, or how to evolve your diet, you are on the right place. I wrote this review about a book called The Keto Beginning By Leanne Vogel.

Keto Beginning program is a fitness regime that includes meal strategies with low carbohydrates and high fat, recipes that fulfills your body’s nutrition demand while keeping a check on unwanted fat. Keto beginning recipes are intended to increase the energy level instead of raw glucose.
The meal plans and resources found in these recipes of Keto Beginning program are unique and provide complete guidance about the various ways of improving the metabolism of body, regulating the organs and reducing the fattening calorie count.


What to expect from the Keto Beginning program?

To achieve the perfect weight as per your height and size without feeling deprived or restricted
Attain energy to end the string eating and food obsession schedule
Maintain energy without constant feeding or relying on a particular kind of food.
Boost self-respect, trust and self-worth
There is a total of 147 pages with 17 chapters filled with diet secrets and detailed information on low carbohydrate, dairy gluten, high fat, moderate protein, legume free, and grain recipes.
A lifestyle that aims to empower the mind and body while reaching a state that you are looking for.


Can i get complet value for my money with the Keto Beginning?

Keto Beginning is a diet guidance program whose aim is to attain regulated metabolism, confidence and liberated health designed by leading nutritionist in the food movements today.
There are 17 chapters that cover every information you need about maintaining a state of body that is high in fat but less in carbohydrates. Exclusive of legume or grains.
In-depth research based journal of the lessons that will be learned in the first 30 days of this diet plan.

Proven calculations that determine the macronutrient amount

  • 9 important success advice
    16 activities that decrease or increase ketone production
    12 success power supplements
    6 things you should avoid in a grocery store

In the package you will find a 30 day meal plan which covers the daily eating routine for 30 days. Including daily recipes of about 50 in number. All these recipes can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. A weekly meal plan that can be enjoyed with friends. A comprehensive layout that is easy to understand. Recipes containing a mixture of vegetables and meat. Insight into different kinds of protein. A legume free, gluten free and grain free diet plan.

Pros and Cons

Ketogenic diet is mostly effective for losing weight and reducing the high acidity level of the body. It is effective against many diseases as the doctor’s claim. On the other hand, however, ketosis diet plan may deprive the body of essential use of carbohydrate for metabolism.
As it is believed that every kind of nutrition has its own value, and so does carbohydrate. Low carbohydrate diet affects the health and energy levels of athletes which is why it is not an effective diet plan for sportsmen and athletes. It is, however, based on requirements and preferences.
Generally there are no health risks involved in this diet plan and may be effective for people who want to maintain weight and size.





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